6 Ways to Boost Your Performance

Find a hobby. Doing something that you truly enjoy inspires you whether you realize it or not. Investing time in a hobby will reap benefits in every aspect of your life, not just at work.

Exercise. You don’t have to be pumping iron or constantly in the gym. The goal isn’t even always to get the “best body” but rather to be healthier. Exercise is a stimulant for the mind, body, and soul. Studies show that even taking the time for a short stretch throughout the day resets the body and mind into increased productivity.

Use color to your advantage. Don’t spend your days in a drab environment, it’s uninspiring! Instead, use color where you can to increase your mood and productivity.

  • Blue – calms and eases
  • Red – excites and stimulates
  • Yellow – increases joy
  • Green – balances emotions

Be one with nature. Go on a hike! Plant a garden; at the very least purchase a plant for your desk. Nature is a wonder for a reason, don’t miss out on its beauty.

Listen to music. Play something calming at your desk; a little background music is good for the soul. Need an afternoon boost? Hit it with your favorite upbeat melody instead!

Enjoy your free time. Don’t be all work and no play; enjoy your days off doing things you love with friends and family. Appreciating your time off makes time spent in the office worth it.

Article by Victoria Casey, FaisonOPC