Happy Organized Holidays

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but it can be a challenge to keep track of all the decorations and supplies it takes to create the warm and cozy atmosphere that’s part of making them so special. Planning ahead when you put your decorations away at the end of the season will leave you in good shape to start the next year’s festivities.

First things first

Label your boxes of decorations with numbers that indicate the order you should open them in. There are often decorations and supplies you want to get to first – wreaths, the tree stand, the menorah – and it’s important to be able to find them right away. Post-it® Extreme Notes are a great way to mark the boxes with the most important holiday items so no one is kept waiting.

Keep the lights on

Lights have a tendency to get tangled or damaged during storage, and they’re pretty tricky to get back into the plastic frames they come in. One easy way to store them is to wrap them around sheets of cardboard. But before you put them away, label them with a that says how many lights are on the string and whether it’s useable indoors, outdoors or both.

Lean on your elves

If you’ve got lots of people in the house, put everyone in charge of packing a box – and unpacking it the following year. (Make sure kids get put in charge of unbreakable items.) Using Post-it® Extreme Notes, label each person’s box with their name before putting it into storage. Not only will it save time during the packing and unpacking, but it will help everyone feel like they’re involved, and may even create some great holiday traditions for the family.

Decorating the house for the holidays can be just as fun as the holidays themselves – and it’s much easier to enjoy the experience when everything’s ready to go.

Courtesy of Post-it