Music in the Workplace

Need a boost in the office while you’re working? Utilize the best medicine possible for your mood, music! Music can affect your emotions greatly, for example, happy music can keep you upbeat and going throughout the day. On the opposite hand, ambient music can calm and relax the mind, which can lead to creativity.

Studies conducted as far back as the early 70’s found that music can have a positive impact on workers. One such study, conducted in 1972, discovered that factory employees did their best work when they were allowed to listen to happy or upbeat music.

To be sure: music isn't some magical panacea. It still does make demands of us in turn. For instance, listening to music while working constitutes multitasking, which necessarily decreases our ability to closely focus on any single objective. Depending on who you ask, this may actually be a good thing; a 2012 study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that those who favor multitasking may be better at absorbing and integrating information from several senses at once. – Courtesy of Forbes

         While you’re working check into music that won’t be distracting but soothing instead; this way, you still get that boost while not being overpowered by say, Beyoncé or Nirvana. And there are many different ways to stream music these days, utilize any of the following outlets or find your own to stay tuned in throughout the work day.

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • ITunes
  • Sonos
  • Radio

Happy Listening! 

Article by Victoria Casey, FaisonOPC