Summer Outdoor Activities

Summer is beginning to fade away as fall is fast upon us however there is still time to spend outdoors with friends and family enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and all the other wonderful things nature and our planet have to offer. Spend what’s left of summer enjoying the planet's natural wonders with some of these fun and green activity suggestions.


Outdoor Sports. Enjoy that summer weather with recreational activities like biking or skateboarding. Have a lake or reservoir around? Why not try waterskiing, kayaking or even take a dip at the local pool.


Go for a hike! If you're by the Rockies, well then you're spoiled and better take advantage and if not, there are still trails and other outdoor spaces to explore wherever you are.


Take a camping trip. Who doesn't love bonding over the campfire eating s'mores and telling stories? Camping is a great family activity that brings you closer to nature.


Get your gardening on! Gardening is a great way to spark a child's interest in the planet along with an opportunity to make your own food. Not big on the commitment? Why not just plant a few flowers or even a tree


No matter how you decide to spend the rest of your summer, remember to choose activities that help, not hurt our environment! 


Article by Victoria Casey, FaisonOPC